June 12, 2020 Lessons Anime

Lessons Derived from Watching Anime


I had a refreshing conversation with Tolu Olubode today. After talking about the tech industry, startups, and product design we spoke about anime, specifically lessons learned. I’ve drilled them down to the four points below.

1. The world loves an underdog story

Almost every main character is in a situation that holds them back from their goal. We love watching how they overcome their limitations and progress through the story.

2. The team is more important than the individual

Exceptional individuals can’t outmatch elite teams. Teams aren’t elite because of individual strength, but about how cohesive they are as a unit.

3. Skills come after hard hours, even to the talented

The training scenes in anime are intense and for good reason. Characters develop their powers due to how hard they train.

4. Developing a thick skin is how you progress

Rejection, criticism, and losses can’t be dwelled upon.

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