October 3, 2020 Reading Compounds What habits compound? The first thing that comes to mind is reading. “The foundation of learning is reading.” - Naval Compound interest: September 25, 2020 Be You: Some Thoughts On Self Improvement A problem I had with self improvement is that I kept searching for the best way to do something, not the best thing for me. I struggled with this September 13, 2020 Self Belief: Achievement vs Honesty Instead of attaching my self-belief to achievement, attach it to being honest with yourself. If I acknowledge yourself for who I am, then I won’t be September 6, 2020 The Best Way to Take in Information This upcoming term I’m taking a few online courses. Something I’ve learned is that I understand information faster when I read. To read something, I August 29, 2020 Seeing The World in Grey I feel that I’ve been conditioned to see the world in black and white. I’m either good or terrible. Life is either amazing or awful. A country is August 23, 2020 Growth is admitting where one is wrong. Growth is changing your beliefs. Growth is challenging your beliefs. Growth is rewriting your narrative August 22, 2020 Meeting New People I used to be afraid of approaching new people. Now it’s different—I don’t have a hard time approaching new people. I realized that everyone wants to August 17, 2020 Feeling Too Late I’m too late to start this. Other people have been doing this for years, why should I start now? Feeling like I’m too late to start is a bad habit. August 9, 2020 8 Billion Perspectives The global population as of right now is approaching 8 billion. 8 Billion. 8 Billion perspectives. 8 billion ways of living. 8 billion priorities. August 8, 2020 Memento Mori We are all going to die. That is the reality of the world. Yet, we choose to avoid that reality. It could never be me. “Remembering that I’ll be August 2, 2020 Living In The Future Life sucks right now, but in the future it won’t. That’s what I used to tell myself. I built up a habit of living in the future. The future, where August 1, 2020 Books Are Good If They Are Relatable After reading many of my friends book recommendations, I realized that the books I loved had one common trait. They were relatable. If a book is July 26, 2020 Regulating Social Media Social Media is addicting. To the point where it became a huge cause of anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction. I have used the following four rules July 25, 2020 Atomic Habits Summary Here are all of my highlights from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. To often we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. July 19, 2020 The War Within The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene outlines the personal strategies that history’s greatest generals have used to overcome The War Within. July 15, 2020 Perfection is Not Real Perfection is not real. Subconsciously though, I believed it was. School teaches that there is a perfect way to do things. That you can get 100% on July 10, 2020 The Modern Job Market The modern job market is akin to the modern NBA. In the NBA, the players have the power. The players who hone their skills and strive for impact June 30, 2020 Build Side Projects They Said Build side projects. That is the general advice given to students who need to improve their resume. Side projects are boring. No, I don’t want to June 24, 2020 The Present Tense: Overcoming Regret with Mindfulness Mindfulness has become the new trend. It’s been marketed as the solution to almost everything. Headspace, 10% Happier, Waking Up, Calm, and other June 23, 2020 The End of My Daily Blog (for now) I realized that I have other priorities in my life. As a result, I will be pausing my daily blog. I will still write, but only when I have things June 22, 2020 Career Capital Rare and valuable skills that can be leveraged to make an impact within a career. Scott Adams lays out two options for developing June 21, 2020 Envy a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck. Envy is the ugliest of the seven June 20, 2020 Michael Jordan: Taking Things Personally The Last Dance has given me a lot of perspective on the way Michael Jordan thinks. Most notably, his habit of taking everything personally. “Okay June 19, 2020 Passion Mindset vs Craftsman Mindset Cal Newport’s book So Good They Can’t Ignore You states that in order to have a good career, build skills instead of seeking a passion. With this June 18, 2020 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Competence Online education has prompted me to think about how humans learn. Abraham Maslow, known for his social experiments created a hierarchy of June 17, 2020 This Helped Me Pick a School I mentioned before that I wanted to do Business School. To narrow down a school, I texted alumni of each program. One particular answer was June 16, 2020 Digital Minimalism Cal Newport often writes about the intersection of human life and technology. In Digital Minimalism, his latest book, he talks about taking control June 15, 2020 What Are My Hell Yeah Companies? Business Lunch by Ryan Radke The general consensus on cover letters is to write them only for the companies that you really want to work at. Let’s June 14, 2020 Navigating First Year Night at the Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh I went on a walk wearing my university’s hoodie and a student stopped me in the park. “You go to Carleton? June 13, 2020 Why Developing Weak Ties in University is Important The Card Players by Paul Cézanne The conventional approach to developing relationships in University is to create strong ties with a few people. I June 12, 2020 Lessons Derived from Watching Anime I had a refreshing conversation with Tolu Olubode today. After talking about the tech industry, startups, and product design we spoke about anime, June 11, 2020 Elon Musk and His Crazy Learning Capacity I came across this Reddit post from Elon Musk about learning. Elon ensures he understands the fundamental principles of a field before learning the June 10, 2020 300 Days Alone in the Wild 300 days. That is how long Xavier Rosset spent in solitude on an island called Tofua. “When I talk to myself I always agree with me. It’s no fun. - June 9, 2020 Patience The best coffee I make has the longest brew time. The best meats I’ve tasted took hours—or even days—to cook. The flavours of food are more intense June 8, 2020 Cancel Culture is Dangerous Cancel Culture has become a dangerous trend online. It involves cancelling people who have questionable opinions. Why is Cancel Culture Dangerous? June 7, 2020 The Problem With Society I had a conversation with my friend’s dad today. He gave me his perspective on what black people experience with raising children. He said: The June 6, 2020 The Civil Rights Movement The following is a collection of my favourite images from the Civil Rights Movement. Black Power 1968 Olympics The March on Washington Rosa Parks June 5, 2020 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The revolution will not be televised. What does this statement mean? It means action. People can’t expect to see change happen on TV. Change will June 4, 2020 The News The human brain isn’t designed to process all of the world’s emergencies in realtime. — Naval (@naval) June 4, 2020 I’ve been overwhelmed with June 3, 2020 What is White Privilege? Over the week I have been looking for an answer to that question. The consensus that I have come to is this: White privilege is not having to worry June 2, 2020 The Murder of George Floyd is the Tipping Point The reaction to the death of George Floyd is unprecedented. The entire country is angry. The world is angry. But why? Why only now? There have been June 1, 2020 The Philosophy of Water Watching Raymond Tang’s speech The Philosophy of Water gave me a sense of peace. The talk, based on the Tao Te Ching, explains how to find May 31, 2020 One Month Into Writing It has been one month since I started writing. In that time, I have become more articulate and my thinking has gotten clearer. I have written 26 May 30, 2020 George Floyd Rest in peace, George Floyd. I can’t even believe that this even happened in 2020. The worst part is that the only reason it garnered attention is May 29, 2020 I Wanted to Quit Writing is both difficult and time-consuming. That is what I’ve learned in the past month. I wanted to quit. Today, someone reached out to me May 28, 2020 System Junk I spent about 30% of my day cleaning up system junk from my Mac. My system size was around 85% of my total storage. If you have this problem install May 27, 2020 Productivity For the longest time, I thought productivity meant finishing large amounts of work effectively and efficiently. Then I read this tweet. We waste May 26, 2020 The Learning Process Generally, learning follows this order: Deep Observation - Passive: Lectures, Lessons Skill Acquisition - Practice: Practice Problems, Imitation May 25, 2020 Why Computer Science? For context, this is an answer that I wrote out for a job application in February 2020. The prompt was tell us why you want you want to study May 24, 2020 Achievable Challenges Recently, I have been trying to figure out if a goal is an achievable challenge. I came down to these three questions to determine so: Is failure May 23, 2020 Comparison is the Thief of Joy The internet has made comparisons convenient. I would measure areas of my life based on different platforms: LinkedIn: Am I doing well with my May 22, 2020 Music Phases My friend told me that I make my life a musical because of my habit of listening to artists that reflect my circumstances. Here is of my favourite May 21, 2020 The Age of Abundance I have been listening to Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain podcast recently and he mentions an interesting idea. We live in the Age of May 20, 2020 Flow In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is May 19, 2020 Decision Fatigue Decision fatigue [1] is a new term I learned today, and it’s a problem that I’ve unknowingly had. There are way too many options in the world. The May 18, 2020 Writing About Myself Today I spent some time creating a new start here page. As I wrote it I realized how challenging writing about myself is. It’s difficult to capture May 17, 2020 The Pareto Principle and Screen Time When social distancing came into effect I noticed a significant increase in screen time. 75% of that screen time came from three apps: Instagram, May 16, 2020 Internal vs External Growth There are two types of growth: Internal Growth: Growth that occurs within the mind; beliefs, paradigms, etc… External Growth: Growth that is May 15, 2020 Air Conditioning In the summer of 2019 I worked as a landscaper. It was brutal. My boss—he had been working outdoors for 20 years—taught me many valuable lessons, May 14, 2020 Sacrifices “Winning has a price and leadership has a price.” - Michael Jordan, The Last Dance Behind any accomplishment is a series of sacrifices. I see this May 13, 2020 Impressions “If you impress people the first few months it should be because of your desire to learn, not because of your desire to rise to the top before you May 12, 2020 The Infinite Game I recently read The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. The book states that there are two types of games, finite and infinite. Finite games have defined May 11, 2020 What’s in a name? People always point out that I have two first names. Three including my middle (Samuel). Here are my discoveries about their origin and meaning. May 9, 2020 Writing Goals I created website this as a summer project, a place for posting my writing. However, I thought I would make my goals for this website clear. Writing May 7, 2020 Summer 2020 Reading List A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard I curated these books to develop focus for what problems I care about and challenge the way I think, May 5, 2020 Awe-Inspiring Photographs Have you ever encountered a photograph that left you in awe? You get emotional chills looking at them, admiring their details, and reflecting upon May 3, 2020 Closing The Gap “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. May 2, 2020 Read → Think → Write. Reading leads me to thinking. Thinking leads me to writing. Writing creates something that can be read. Repeat. Writing publicly scared me at first. May 1, 2020 The Beginning What do I like doing? What do I find interesting? These are questions that I often reflect upon. I haven’t come across any solid answers to these