August 17, 2020 Reflection

Feeling Too Late

I’m too late to start this. Other people have been doing this for years, why should I start now?

Feeling like I’m too late to start is a bad habit. I thought that I was too late to get into tech because I saw people who started when they were in grade school. It wasn’t until I met someone who was pivoting into data science at 33 when I realized that I wasn’t late at all.

But is anyone ever late to anything to start something?

I never learned an instrument during my childhood. Am I too late if I start now? Should I even bother learning to play guitar if John Mayer exists?

So many people who are interested in trying something new, but already feel like they are too late.

Feeling too late is the excuse we like to give ourselves to do nothing. It’s easy to feel too late. It’s hard to start.

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