On Internal Motivation

I asked my students today what keeps them motivated. One of them said spite.”

— Dr. Chris Jones, pickle friend (@ProfChrisMJones) February 15, 2021

I saw this tweet recently, and I related to it. I feel motivated to prove people wrong or to spite someone quite often. Reflecting though, I realized my proudest achievements were internally motivated.

The reason I created this blog was to challenge my thinking. The reason I pushed myself this past recruiting season was to prove to myself that I was good enough. The reason I started exercising was to push myself physically and mentally.

Sometimes, I have external kickstarters. These kickstarters are very similar to Michael Jordan’s philosophy of taking things personally. External motivation is often just a boost. It can’t last throughout the whole journey. Even though Michael Jordan took things personally, he was still motivated by excellence and his desire to fulfill his potential as an NBA player.

March 23, 2021

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