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June 7, 2020 The Problem With Society I had a conversation with my friend’s dad today. He gave me his perspective on what black people experience with raising children. He said: The June 5, 2020 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The revolution will not be televised. What does this statement mean? It means action. People can’t expect to see change happen on TV. Change will June 3, 2020 What is White Privilege? Over the week I have been looking for an answer to that question. The consensus that I have come to is this: White privilege is not having to worry June 2, 2020 The Murder of George Floyd is the Tipping Point The reaction to the death of George Floyd is unprecedented. The entire country is angry. The world is angry. But why? Why only now? There have been May 30, 2020 George Floyd Rest in peace, George Floyd. I can’t even believe that this even happened in 2020. The worst part is that the only reason it garnered attention is