Why Computer Science?

For context, this is an answer that I wrote out for a job application in February 2020. The prompt was tell us why you want you want to study computer science.

I always thought I would study business, then at the start of Grade 12 I read a book called Mastery by Robert Greene and it changed my direction. The book made me think about what I enjoyed doing, especially in my younger years. Edison, DaVinci, and most of all, Benjamin Franklin fascinated me and I wanted to be just like them, a creator. Computer Science is a medium in which I am able to invent and create solutions to problems people face on a daily basis.

I came across this email from Garry Tan which perfectly summed up my reasoning.

Garry Tan Ideas

Whenever I have doubts about the reason I’m studying Computer Science, I re-read that email. The last point always hits me.

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas a reality.” - Garry Tan

May 25, 2020 · Moment · Computer Science

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